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About Us

Maived Solar Energy

is a leading Solar service provider in the central India catering all the needs required by different customers right from Domestic, Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial. We thrive to provide the value added Solar products to cut the growing electrical costs affecting the working capital of a business with its ever growing electricity prices and power cuts. We also eliminate the carbon emissions which is posing a big threat to the world environment causing global warming. To give our future generation a greener and cleaner environment to live and cleaner development using electricity.

Our Vision

A safe and sustainable future for our next generation, species and places with a low carbon environment, safe for all with a minimal impact of weather changes. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service possible.

There is no doubt that humanity must face climate change on many fronts. Many governments, organizations, companies and individuals are trying to decelerate and potentially even reverse the process of global warming that is threatening the world as we know it today. These pioneers are looking to emerging green technologies, practices, and social transformation in order to succeed in the battle against climate change.

Maived Solar aims to contribute to this battle, through the promotion of solar energy. We believe that with the need for change, humanity will surface stronger and more resourceful in the future. Maived Solar envisions that the world will one day predominantly use renewable energy sources, breaking the chains of our addiction to fossil fuels and changing our destructive habits in energy and resource consumption. We envision a world where energy management will be smarter and more efficient, which in combination with new technologies, will assure our wellbeing and will lead the human race to new frontiers.

Our Mission

To lead the business in renewable energy sector, providing a safe and secure environment without compromising on the quality, policy, and value of the company.

Maived Solar’s mission is “to promote solar energy and implement solar parks worldwide”. The company has a results-oriented approach for all of our clients and partners, which is why we aim for the realization of PV parks following the most efficient and optimal approach.

With small, local beginnings, Maived Solar Energy has grown over the years to become one of the leading solar installation and consulting firms in India. Over the time record growth has established Maived Solar Energy as a household name in the solar industry.

Throughout the years, Maived Solar Energy  has built partnerships with some of the leading solar energy manufacturers in India . This unique position gives Maived Solar the ability to offer a variety of solar energy solutions to residential and commercial customers with an emphasis on the best preforming technology and affordability to meet most budgets.




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